May 30, 2017

Chaplain Program Provides Support, Comfort for Employees

In 2010, the leadership team at House of Raeford Farms recognized the need for a greater level of support and care for its associates — one that would provide a place to turn for personal issues that may be affecting their well-being. Whether it was work or family-related, House of Raeford wanted employees to have access to helpful resources. That’s how House of Raeford’s corporate chaplain program came to be, with the goal of assisting employees both emotionally and spiritually.

Seven years later, the program has helped thousands at House of Raeford cope with matters that include difficulties with money management, marital or other relationships, health, grief, and job difficulties. House of Raeford partners with Corporate Chaplains of America (CCA), based in Wake Forest, North Carolina, to provide nine chaplains company-wide specially trained for workplace ministry and care for people from all religious backgrounds. The chaplains minister on-site at each plant at least four days a week.

“Our ministry model is based on relationships and relationship building,” said Jamin Bailey, the chaplain at CCA who oversees the House of Raeford program. “We desire to build caring relationships that are permission-based, and to be there for employees in times of both crisis and celebration.”

When new employees sign on to be part of the House of Raeford family, they gain access to the non-denominational chaplains 24-hours a day, seven days a week, at no cost to them. As an added benefit, the chaplains are also available for the families of House of Raeford employees. In addition to individual care sessions, chaplains make hospital visits as well as attending and sometimes officiating weddings and funerals.

“The chaplains really help us fulfill a major part of our mission, and that’s supporting our employees,” said Dave Witter, Manager of Corporate Sustainability and Communications. “The chaplaincy program reaches our associates in actionable and meaningful ways on many levels and is really making a difference in their lives.”

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