October 19, 2016

FLOCK Partner Spotlight: Generations Group Home

Who:  Generations Group Home

Where: Simpsonville, SC

What: Generations Group Home provides support and guidance for abused, neglected or at-risk preadolescent and adolescent males. The Generations Home is striving to prevent the continuation of sexual abuse. 

How: The Generations Group Home offers a caring setting that promotes and rewards positive change. By encouraging responsible and productive ways to transform these young boys’ lives, the home promises a structured and therapeutic environment for the children. For more than 25 years, the Generations Home has had great success in putting a stop to the generational cycle of abuse. In those 25 years, 98 percent of the children leave the Generations Group Home to participate in society as productive citizens. 

How FLOCK Supports:

House of Raeford Farms FLOCK supports the Generations Group Home and their commitment to fostering change and encouraging children to break the cycle. FLOCK provides chicken donations on a regular basis and monetary donations on an annual basis, allowing Generations Group Home to focus their financial resources on their important work.

“Generations Group Home provides a safe place for children in need of a positive environment. By ending the cycle of abuse, the Generations Group Home is helping these children to reach new levels of confidence and productivity. FLOCK is proud to support an organization like Generations Group Home because they share our dedication to enhancing the lives of children and offering constructive ways to grow within the community.” – Curtis Carr, House of Raeford Director of Community Outreach

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