November 23, 2016

FLOCK Partner Spotlight: Sarah’s Refuge

Who: Sarah’s Refuge

Where: Warsaw, NC

What: Sarah’s Refuge is a domestic violence and rape crisis center that works to provide services to those that have been affected by domestic and sexual abuse. Through education, outreach and client-centered services, Sarah’s Refuge is working to eliminate domestic and sexual abuse.

How: Sarah’s Refuge strives to empower, encourage and treat each individual with compassion and dignity. With a 24-hour crisis line and an instructive website, Sarah’s Refuge gives abuse victims a place to receive aid, support and resources. The organization provides a victim advocacy program and guidance on compensation programs. Sarah’s Refuge also provides encouragement and practical assistance for each client striving to regain their independence. 

How FLOCK Supports:

House of Raeford Farms FLOCK works closely with Sarah’s Refuge, supporting the mission in a number of ways, including providing chicken product donations throughout the year. Additionally, FLOCK and the Sarah’s Refuge team use the Virtuous Woman Project to encourage positivity in women who have committed to the process and to seeing it through. The Virtuous Woman Project was initiated by and is managed by FLOCK. Women at Sarah’s Refuge who participate in the program are made over from head to toe, including hair, makeup, nails, shoes and clothing. This program helps the women to feel better about themselves both physically and emotionally. FLOCK supports continuing education programs through the local community college to assist the participants in gaining employment. Clients are offered money management classes, parenting classes and spiritual guidance through local pastors. Each client is presented with a basket upon completion with gift cards for grocery shopping as well as a Bible.

“The contributions made to Sarah’s Refuge, Inc., by FLOCK have enabled the agency to assist the clientele, in not only meeting their immediate needs, but in allowing them to take their dreams from visions to reality. The clients have realized it is okay to dream big because there are still people who care and are willing to go the extra mile to make their dreams come true. We appreciate all the contributions that FLOCK has provided to our clients and helping with our vision here at Sarah’s Refuge Inc.” – Shavonia West, Sarah’s Refuge Inc.

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