October 5, 2016

FLOCK Partner Spotlight: Word of Faith Ministries

Who: Word of Faith Ministries 

Where: Kenansville, NC

What: Each month Word of Faith Ministries provides food and basic necessities to over 1,200 low-income individuals with families, the disabled and those with chronic health problems, and the displaced workers of Duplin County.

How: Word of Faith Ministries specialize in food assistance, but also works to provide other basic necessities to those in need. Word of Faith Ministries seeks to serve a diverse population of impoverished individuals and families that face emergencies with food assistance, self-sufficiency training, family counseling and spiritual care. 

How FLOCK Supports:

Since 2009, House of Raeford Farms FLOCK has regularly supported Word of Faith Ministries by donating poultry and providing volunteer support. 

“Word of Faith Ministries was one of the first organizations that FLOCK partnered with. When FLOCK was born in 2008, Word of Faith was an obvious partner, given its proximity to House of Raeford’s corporate operations and their commitment to providing tangible, concrete care to those in need. Word of Faith Ministries began over 30 years ago when a local pastor and his wife took food and other items to a local family that was struggling.  God laid it on their heart that there were more families just like this one who needed help. That’s exactly the kind of mission and impact that FLOCK seeks to support.” – Dave Witter, House of Raeford

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