July 16, 2016

Youth Athletes Learn Valuable Skills from the Pros

Football camp prepares youth for success on and off the field

Jeremiah Castille Football Camp - Wallace
WALLACE, N.C.—July 16, 2016:
More than 400 youth athletes gathered in eastern North Carolina this weekend to participate in North Carolina’s first Jeremiah Castille Character Football Camp. House of Raeford Farms, through the company’s FLOCK Foundation, sponsored the two-day camp during which student athletes trained with NFL and Division I football champions, and left with some important new skills.

“True champions are made, not just born. It takes a special set of skills to become a champion. Our goal at The Jeremiah Castille Character Camp is to teach youth athletes how to become future champions through hard work and character development,” said Castille, the retired NFL great and former Alabama all-star, who now serves his alma mater as football team chaplain.

Castille’s camp is about more than just the game of football. It’s about helping youth athletes recognize and reach their fullest potential, focusing on strength, agility and character-building skills for both on and off the field.

“One of the core tenets of House of Raeford’s FLOCK program is youth development. This includes caring for and providing our youth with access to tools to help them live fulfilling, productive lives,” said Tom Teachey, director of community outreach for House of Raeford in Duplin County. “Beyond speed and agility, Jeremiah and his staff focus on valuable life skills—including teamwork, self-discipline and consideration of others—as they train youth athletes for success both on and off the playing field.”

Camp attendees learned from some of the greatest on what it means to be a champion, including Olympic Gold Medalist Willie Smith, current and former college players from the University of Alabama and Clemson University, and other retired professionals.

Visit www.HouseOfRaeford.com and http://castillefoundation.org/ to learn more about House of Raeford and the Castille Foundation.

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