July 12, 2017

House of Raeford Has Become a Home Away from Home for Many

In today’s world, it is often difficult to find people who work at the same company for a significant number of years. People are more mobile than in the past and are less likely to stay in the same place for long. At House of Raeford Farms, however, there are a large number of associates who have found a home at one of the eight processing plants or four live production operations and turned the poultry business into a career.

Take Ronnie Pate — he’s been a full-time employee with the company’s Nash Johnson & Sons’ Farms/Johnson Breeders division since 1974 and has spent most of his 43-year career doing farm maintenance on all company farms. Ronnie’s father worked in maintenance years ago, and as a young boy, Ronnie received hands-on training when he came to work with his dad. He can trouble-shoot just about anything mechanical, and he is one of the main people making sure chickens have feed and water when disastrous weather conditions hit the farms.

We believe choosing to stay with the same company for several years is greatly influenced by the way employers treat their associates. Treating them fairly, with benefits and programs designed to enhance their welfare and well-being, is an absolute responsibility that House of Raeford fulfills in many ways.

House of Raeford’s family roots run deep, with the fourth generation of the Johnson and Beasley families now overseeing day-to-day operations of the nation’s ninth largest chicken company. As a result, it is not unusual to see several generations of the same family work for the company. Cleavon “Duke” Anderson has worked for House of Raeford’s Arcadia, Louisiana processing plant since 2003. Rising from a line worker in the debone department, Duke has held three supervisory positions, is dedicated to his job, and is always eager to help out in other areas when needed. For Duke, working at House of Raeford has become a family affair, as he has eight family members who also work for the company.

At House of Raeford, there’s always an opportunity for advancement. We promote people from within. That’s part of the reason some employees have been with us for 50 years — many for 25+ years. In fact, a number of our locations boast enough long-term employees to form a Quarter Century Club. Raising and processing chickens is hard work, but with the right attitude and a company who cares about doing the right thing, a job becomes more than a job — it becomes a second home.

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