July 18, 2017

In The News: House of Raeford reiterates its commitment to the community

Photo: House of Raeford’s FLOCK Representative Chuck Underhill, from right, Pastor Patty Sue Burton-Pye, Robin Bowers of LICS and board members at the “Blessing of Bus.” Friday in Lexington.

Cola Daily
Columbia, SC
By Cola Daily Staff

West Columbia’s House of Raeford facility contributes its fair share – and then some- to its community. The poultry processing operation reiterated its commitment with a data release, Monday.

House of Raeford is responsible for more than 800 jobs in Lexington County. It is the seventh-largest employer in the county and part of the reason the county has the state’s lowest rate of unemployment most months.

House of Raeford, and its employees, generate millions of dollars for the local economy.

The company pays $17.5 million in salaries with a weekly payroll of $340,000.

House of Raeford’s payroll tax is around $2 million and the company recently added a $2 million water treatment facility, in addition to paying more than $400,000-a-year in property taxes. It also pays $100,000-plus in city taxes and license fees.

While infrastructure and business costs are important, House of Raeford Farms President and CEO Bob Johnson said enabling employees to support their families, and sustain the local economy is a significant part of the company’s mission.

Not only that, but the $1.5 million-to-$2 million -a-year House of Raeford spends for water and sewer helps the City of West Columbia’s stabilize the city’s budget, resulting in less of a need for tax increases.

And it’s not just business. House of Raeford Farms, through its non-profit organization FLOCK, is a frequent contributor to local non-profits that reach out to the community.

Projects that FLOCK funds include the Lighthouse 4 Life, Ezekiel Ministries, books, supplies, and Teacher Appreciation gifts to Lexington County public school students and teachers.


Source: http://www.coladaily.com/2017/07/17/house-raeford-reiterates-commitment-community/

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