November 16, 2016

Stepping Up to Care for Our Communities

At House of Raeford Farms, we believe in doing in right thing in all the things we do. So when disaster strikes in our backyard, we take action.

Twice this year, that disaster struck.

Back in August, prolonged rain led to historic flooding in Louisiana. Rainfall exceeded 20 inches and rivers reached record levels. We have a complex in Arcadia, LA, so this devastation, quite literally, hit close to home.

Given our location— closer to the border with Arkansas than the Gulf of Mexico—our operations were spared from the flooding. But the distance didn’t diminish our desire to help. Our neighbors down the road were reeling and needed our help. We were honored to be able to donate 10,000 lbs. of chicken to the relief efforts.

A few months later and a few states away, Hurricane Matthew tore through the Southeast, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. Eastern North Carolina was among the hardest hit areas. More than $1.5 billion in damages, more than 800,000 without power, more than 20 deaths.

House of Raeford has operations across North Carolina, including our corporate offices in Rose Hill. Seeing the devastation in our own backyard, House of Raeford is committed to supporting relief efforts in North Carolina through donations of time, food, and resources.

We’re most proud of our employees, who couldn’t sit idly by watching their neighbors suffer without food, water, power, and supplies. House of Raeford employees, behind the leadership of Lisa Darden from our Mocksville plant, took the initiative to collect supplies for those in need. The community rallied, donating enough blankets, food, clothes, and bottled water to fill two 20-foot trucks and a pickup truck. All supplies were delivered to Simon Temple Church in Fayetteville.

The generosity didn’t stop there. The Mocksville employees also felt compelled to support employees from the House of Raeford Wallace and Rose Hill plants who suffered losses from the storm. They collected money to purchase gift cards for their fellow employees, allowing them to rebuild their lives and replace what Hurricane Matthew took from them.

Employees from Rose Hill, NC also stepped up, holding a raffle to raise money for fellow employees who had suffered significant property damage from the storm.

Recognizing the pain and acting on the needs of those around us is not always in our nature. It’s not always easy and it’s not always convenient. But it’s always right. And doing what is right is exactly what we at House of Raeford have committed to.picture3



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