December 5, 2016

Supporting Our Strongest Asset: Our Employees

Caring for our employees is foundational to House of Raeford Farms. Our employees are our most essential asset. They are our friends and neighbors, and caring for them, their families, and their wellbeing is our responsibility and our priority.

Across the House of Raeford complexes, we strive to fulfill this responsibility in a number of ways.

  • All employees have access to a corporate chaplain. Employees who need help—whether personal, work or family related, or financial—can schedule a care session at work or can call a chaplain any time. Chaplains are specially trained and work with people of all religious backgrounds.
  • Children or dependent grandchildren of House of Raeford employees have the opportunity to earn scholarships for college or vocations school.
  • Employees are able and encouraged to speak up through our ShareLine. This provides an open-door communications policy, which enables employees to confidentially express concerns or offer suggestions.
  • We commit to caring for the health and wellbeing of our employees by providing benefits that are some of the best in the business including an extremely affordable and complete health insurance packages.
  • And, of course, we offer wages that are competitive, a workplace that is safe, and a culture built on respect and integrity.

In addition to these and other corporate policies, our complexes have taken the initiative to support their employees in additional ways. Here are some examples:

The Human Resources team in West Columbia, SC has implemented an Employee of the Month program. Supervisors and line workers can nominate their colleagues, bringing awareness to people who are doing an exceptional job. Each Employee of the Month gets a special hard hat, hoodie and gift cards. This program has allowed the West Columbia team to recognize folks who are doing a great job and being a good teammate every day.

The Forest Park, GA (Filet of Chicken) complex offers a GED program for employees in conjunction with the Clayton County Board of Education. House of Raeford is committed to empowering its employees to better themselves, and this program underscores that commitment.

Our teams in Rose Hill, NC and Greenville, SC, celebrate everyday employee successes with a fan favorite: popcorn. For each week that the breast yield reaches the goal percentage, the teams pop popcorn. This is a simple, but tasty way to celebrate and reward the employees for a job well done.

As House of Raeford CEO Bob Johnson says, “The company and the buildings are brick and mortar, but what really makes this company are the people.”

We know that our employees are our backbone. We are proud of our team and strive to support and care for them every day.

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