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Thanks for dropping in. Below are some answers to frequently asked questions about House of Raeford Farms and our wholesome chicken products. Come back soon!


How are your chickens raised? ABOUT RAISING CHICKENS

House of Raeford Farms chickens are raised cage-free on family farms in housing designed to keep them safe from the elements, outside predators and potential diseases. The houses are climate-controlled and ventilated with fresh air.

Are your chickens put in crates for transport? ABOUT RAISING CHICKENS

For their own safety and well-being, our birds are carefully caged when they are transported from the farm to the processing plant.

Are your chickens raised humanely? ABOUT RAISING CHICKENS

Absolutely. We have in place strict procedures, policies and practices—established by the National Chicken Council and required of our growers and employees—to keep our chickens free of fear, pain, stress, and suffering.

You can read more about chicken welfare at the National Chicken Council’s Chicken Checkin.

We have created an Animal Well-Being Advisory Board, with four highly respected independent experts evaluating our animal welfare programs and advising us on best practices. We have third-party outside firms conduct annual animal welfare audits of every facet of our operation, from hatcheries to farms to processing. We train every employee who’s in contact with live birds on humane handling.

And we respond with swift repercussions if a farmer or other employee is found to be abusing a bird in any way.

You can read more about chicken welfare at the National Chicken Council’s Chicken Checkin.

What do you feed your chickens? ABOUT RAISING CHICKENS

Because we own and operate our own feed mills, we have complete control of our chickens’ diet. Our nutritionist develops our feed formulas, stipulating the precise mixture of high quality corn and soybean meal, supplemented with vitamins and trace minerals, for the high-quality diet needed for high-quality chicken.

Are your chicken products all-natural? ABOUT RAISING CHICKENS

Yes. You can rest assured that the fresh chicken you’re buying from House of Raeford Farms is natural and contains only one thing. Chicken.

Do you use growth hormones or steroids? ABOUT RAISING CHICKENS

Some misinformed folks believe the reason chickens now grow so big in such a short time is due to genetic engineering or the use of hormones or steroids. Not even close to true. Today’s larger, plumper, meatier chickens are the result of selective cross-breeding, better nutrition, and improvements in animal husbandry. Period. In fact, the use of hormones or steroids in poultry is expressly forbidden by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

Are your chickens genetically modified? ABOUT RAISING CHICKENS

In a word: NO. Breeding is done in the traditional manner.

Do you give antibiotics to your chickens? ABOUT RAISING CHICKENS

Antibiotic use in animal production and the potential for antibiotic resistance are important issues for consumers and House of Raeford. Our approach is simple: We only use antibiotics to keep our chickens healthy and safe. We have been working to improve the living conditions and nutrition of our chickens for years. Our veterinarians and nutritionists have developed multi-faceted systems that address all aspects of the chicken’s life in order to promote good health and minimize the need for antibiotics. We never use antibiotics for improving growth. As a result, we drastically reduced the need for and use of antibiotics.

However, eliminating the use of all antibiotics or delaying treatment for the sole purpose of satisfying “Antibiotic Free” marketing claims is irresponsible, wrong, and could lead to unnecessary suffering and preventable deaths.

Antibiotics are a necessary tool for animal health and welfare, food safety, and sustainability. However, they are not the only tool. Investments have been made in newer, environmentally controlled housing, better management practices, good nutrition, and good disease prevention strategies. Unfortunately, even with all those systems put in place chickens will occasionally get sick. When that happens, antibiotics may be needed to restore the health of the flock. A veterinarian will determine if antibiotic use is required and will supervise all administration. We follow strict adherence with antibiotic dose, duration, and withdrawal timelines mandated by the USDA and FDA to ensure no harmful residues would remain in the chicken when sold. This is monitored by testing protocols by both the FDA and USDA.

Do your chicken products contain gluten or MSG? ABOUT RAISING CHICKENS

Our fresh chicken products are gluten-free; some prepared food items, such as breaded chicken nuggets, may include gluten but would say so on the package. MSG? Never.

How long is it safe to keep your products in my home refrigerator or freezer? CHICKEN AT HOME

Fresh, uncooked chicken should be kept in the refrigerator no longer than 48 hours. If you don’t use it within two days, freeze it. If properly packaged, poultry will maintain its quality in a home freezer for nine months to a year. (source: National Chicken Council)

What is the proper way to handle raw chicken products? CHICKEN AT HOME

Keep raw meat and poultry separate from other foods. Wash working surfaces (including cutting boards), utensils, and hands after touching raw meat or poultry. (source: USDA and National Chicken Council)

What’s the best way to thaw frozen chicken? CHICKEN AT HOME

Thawing your chicken in the refrigerator—never on the countertop—is the safest method and provides the best results. (Plan on about five hours per pound.)

How do I know when my chicken is thoroughly cooked? CHICKEN AT HOME

An internal temperature of 165° Fahrenheit as measured by a meat thermometer is the safe temperature. Cooking chicken to 165°F ensures that any possible bacteria is completely killed.

Do you have recipes for your products? CHICKEN AT HOME

We have lots! Just go to the recipes page of this website.

Does House of Raeford Farms import poultry or do any processing in other countries? COMPANY INFORMATION

All our chickens are hatched and raised on family farms in the U.S. and processed nearby.

Are your farms spread out all over the country? COMPANY INFORMATION

No. House of Raeford is a cooperative of family farmers, all located in the southeastern U.S.

What does it mean when you say that you are fully integrated? COMPANY INFORMATION

From the hatcheries to the feed mills to the grow-out facilities to the processing, we control every aspect of our chicken arriving to you. It ensures that House of Raeford chicken products are safe, delicious, and nutritious.

Where can I get information about a particular House of Raeford product? COMPANY INFORMATION

This website includes a description and nutritional facts for each product in each category:

How do I go about purchasing House of Raeford Farms chicken products? COMPANY INFORMATION

Please see this contact information.

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