November 20, 2016

Caring for the Environment, Committed to Sustainability

“I am an environmentalist. And I believe farmers are environmentalists because they live off of the land and they love the land.”

Those words, spoken by House of Raeford Farms CEO Bob Johnson, sum up our commitment to the environment. We know that our livelihood today and tomorrow relies on an environment that is protected, cared for, and valued.

We are committed to environmental stewardship and have implemented modern practices and technologies to help us in our efforts. We will continue to protect our natural resources through our individual initiatives and through partnerships with our suppliers, customers, and communities.

We established an environmental management system across all complexes, have implemented a Solar Thermal Energy system and state-of-the-art irrigation equipment, and utilize recyclable wax alternative packaging for CVP products whenever possible. We have committed to over $7 million dollars in the last three years for corporate environmental improvements to our waste water systems.

Learn more about our initiatives and how our commitment to environmental sustainability is just another way we’re striving to do the right thing in all the things we do.

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