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February 6, 2018

Get Schooled on Chicken

House of Raeford Farms actively strives to be a resource that school nutritional directors in all states can look to for healthy recipe ideas that are creative, nutritious, and fully reimbursable.

Below are nine new House of Raeford-created recipes showcasing our versatile Pulled Rotisserie Chicken (60% white / 40% dark meat). Each recipe complies with dietary standards established by the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, including reduced sodium, fat content, and transparent labeling.

We’ve created each entrée option with even the pickiest eaters in mind, making them ideal for the school environment. Our Pulled Rotisserie Chicken provides nutrition professionals with an adaptable base they can use to offer home-inspired school meals that are sure to be kid-approved.

All of our pulled rotisserie chicken recipes meet the two-meat/meat alternative requirement, and when combined with the outlined menu suggestions, each becomes a fully reimbursable meal under the National School Lunch program.

At House of Raeford, our goal is to partner with school districts to enable their nutritional directors to meet the health needs of their students, stay within budget, and serve lunches that students can look forward to.

These recipes demonstrate the versatility of just one of our products — rotisserie chicken. We’ve given you nine examples of ways to use our product in your school lunch program, but there are a limitless number of recipes that you can create within your specific environment to appeal to any palette.

To purchase rotisserie chicken for your school nutrition program, contact Karen Duke, government sales manager at House of Raeford.

(Each recipe below is scaled for a serving of 50+)


BBQ Chicken Sandwich with Honey Lime Slaw


Crust-less Chicken Pot Pie


Honey Mustard Chicken Wrap


Chicken Ranch Tacos


Chicken Enchiladas


Cheesy Chicken & Rice Bake


Sesame Ginger Chopped Salad


Buffalo Chicken Flatbread


Chicken Fajita Quesadilla

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