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October 29, 2019

Halloween Party For Kids

15 min
Are you ready for the cute little trick or treaters? Halloween is just a couple of days away and we set up a Halloween themed play date for the kids with some fun snacks. Playdates can be stressful, but we want to help you make it easy and fun for the whole family. Read below for the tricks we used make the playdate a stress- free and fun one for everyone.
Since it’s Halloween we did an easy craft with the kids. We used stretchy cobwebs that were fun to place over a couple of the chairs and the kitchen light fixture. The kids loved being able to help place some spiders and bats on the cobweb and the dining table.
For food we baked House of Raeford Whole Wheat Corn Dog Nuggets in the oven and served them with some fun dipping sauces. Don’t forget the sliced oranges, apples, and a bunch of grapes on the side. Our corn dog nuggets are fully cooked so just heat and serve with a healthy sauce and sides, and you are good to go!

Our Corn Dog Nuggets are a Johnson family favorite for all ages.  Wrapped in whole-grain cornbread batter, with juicy 100% chicken inside, good nutrition’s a wrap.

Have fun this Halloween !


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