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Mistreating chickens is wrong. Period.

House of Raeford Farms has many practices in place to ensure that our chickens are raised and treated humanely at every step of the way. Among these practices are:

  • Animal Well-Being Advisory Board, with four highly respected, independent experts evaluating our animal welfare programs and advising us on best practices.
  • Welfare guidelines in place for all broilers, hatcheries, farms, and processing plants.
  • Annual training for all employees in contact with live birds, with new “how to” videos in the works.
  • Chickens raised on farms by families who share our commitment to humane treatment.
  • Grown cage-free in spacious chicken houses with constant access to food and water, periods of light and dark, and room to move freely.
  • Protected from the elements. Our chickens live in a comfortable, climate-controlled setting with fresh air ventilation.
  • Safe environment, protected from predators and exposure to diseases from wildlife, such as the highly pathogenic Avian Influenza.
  • Healthy practices. Flocks are cared for daily by family farmers. Weekly inspections are conducted by company flock supervisors who consult with our corporate veterinarian on health issues. Strict bio-security procedures are in place at all chicken houses to protect against disease.
  • Nutritious diet of wholesome grains, along with vitamins and minerals. Our own feed mills ensure the quality we insist upon, with feed formulas controlled by our nutritionist.
  • No growth hormones. No steroids. No way.
  • Safely enclosed in cages, for their own safety and well-being, only during transport to processing facilities.
  • Moved with care to the processing plant. Personnel trained in Animal Welfare best practices are required to handle the birds in an appropriate manner while loading and transporting.
  • Humanely anesthetized to render the birds insensitive to pain prior to humane slaughter.
  • Animal welfare audits conducted annually in our live production areas and processing plants by independent outside firms. The audit covers everything in the life of the bird, from hatchery to farms to processing. In addition, internal audits are performed quarterly by company animal welfare specialists at each location.
  • Swift repercussions if a farmer or other employee is found to be abusing a bird in any way.

As you can see, we’re truly dedicated to the health and well-being of our chickens. After all, it’s our reputation on the line.

If you’d like to read more about raising chickens right, visit the National Chicken Council’s Chicken Checkin site.

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