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A lot of people depend on House of Raeford Farms. Consumers, family poultry farmers, employees and their families, retailers, restaurants, associates, community members, people in need. We take our responsibility to all of them very seriously.

Our Growers

Because House of Raeford is a family-owned company that began as a family farm, we hold our local family farm growers in high esteem. They’re the backbone of our company, the best in the business, working as our partners to produce a high-quality product in an ethical, environmentally responsible and humane manner.

In North Carolina, Louisiana, South Carolina and Georgia, 452 family farms are raising chickens exclusively for House of Raeford. They put the land they love and the specialized knowledge they possess to work for us, and our customers, every day.

Partner With House of Raeford Farms

Executive Leadership Team

Robert Johnson

President & Chief Executive Officer

Bob Johnson is the son of House of Raeford Farms’ founder Marvin Johnson and currently serves as President & CEO of the company. Under his leadership, House of Raeford has consistently been one of the 10 largest chicken producers nationally. The organization also ranks as one of the leading revenue-producing companies in North Carolina.

Donald Taber

President, Cooked Products Group

Don has bottom-line management responsibility for all aspects of the Cooked Products Group. This includes a mini-corn dog plant in Hemingway, SC as well as a cook plant in Forest Park, GA.

Ken Qualls

Chief Financial Officer

Ken, a 30+ year veteran of the poultry industry, is the Chief Financial Officer. In this position, he directs the activities of the accounting, treasury, credit, strategic planning, benchmarking, risk management, and corporate administration functions for the company.

Sales Leadership

Michael Teachey

General Manager, Foods Division

Michael Teachey has been with House of Raeford since 2003 and currently serves the company as General Manager of the Foods Division. From a sales and marketing perspective, he was instrumental in the transition as the company exited the turkey business in 2013 and moved to a complete focus on ready-to-cook and further processed chicken products.

Chan Windham

Director of Commodity Sales

Chan Windham is a 20-year veteran of House of Raeford Farms beginning as an Assistant Sales Manager at the W. Columbia, SC complex in 1995. He later moved to the Greenville, SC complex as Sales Manager and was named Director of Commodity Sales for the company in 2003.

Our Employees

House of Raeford Farms was started as a public-private partnership among three growers and the town of Rose Hill as a way to create jobs for the community. Clearly, that was a goal well met, and the company has grown considerably since then and continues to provide employment that helps stoke our local economies.

At the moment, our employee roster stands at around 5,500 people across multiple towns in four Southeastern states. It’s a large group, but each individual is as important as the next.

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Our Family Employees

Proof that we think House of Raeford Farms is a good place to work: our owners work here.


Left to right: Lon Beasley, Live Production; Nash Johnson, Live Production; Mary Susan Beasley, Administration; Bob Johnson, CEO; Carol Luanne Johnson, Video and Still Photography; Jantzen Brantley, Land Management; Cowan Johnson, Processing.

Our Locations

House of Raeford Farms, headquartered in Rose Hill, North Carolina, operates poultry grow-out operations and processing facilities in four southeastern states.

Ready to Cook & Live Operations

West Columbia & Leesville, South Carolina
P. O. Box 168
Columbia, SC 29202
441 Sunset Blvd.
W. Columbia, SC 29169
Jim Mabe – Complex Manager

Further Processing Plant

Hemingway, South Carolina
1344 Battery Park Rd.
Nesmith, SC 29580
Robert Flagler – Operations Manager

Ready to Cook & Live Operations

Greenville, South Carolina & Lavonia, Georgia
P. O. Box 4767
Greenville, SC 29608
1354 Rutherford Rd.
Greenville, SC 29609
Jimmy Peak – Complex Manager

Ready to Cook

Wallace, North Carolina
P. O Box 669
Wallace, NC 28466
233 Butterball Rd.
Teachey, NC 28464
Jimmy Peak – Complex Manager

Ready to Cook

Rose Hill, North Carolina
P. O. Box 40
3333 U. S. Hwy 117 South
Rose Hill, NC 28458
Jimmy Peak – Complex Manager

Further Processing Plant

Filet of Chicken
Forest Park, Georgia
146 Forest Parkway.
Forest Park, GA 30297
Chuck Kendrew – Complex Manager

Ready to Cook & Live Operations

Arcadia, Louisiana
P. O. Box 707
3867 Second St.
Arcadia, LA 71001
Mark Van Benthuysen – Complex Manager

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