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Our overriding commitment at House of Raeford Farms is to do what’s right, to be a good corporate citizen, to elevate our industry—and even to strive to set the standard for others.

Food Safety & Nutrition

Americans eat about 160 million servings of chicken every single day, and 99.999 percent of those servings are consumed safely. That’s great, but House of Raeford wants to do even more. We want every one of our chicken products to be not only safe, but also wholesome, nutritious and, of course, delicious. We take a lot of steps to make that happen.

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Animal Welfare

Taking proper care of animals—keeping them free of fear, pain, stress, and suffering—is, plain and simple, the right thing to do. It’s why the National Chicken Council developed its Animal Welfare Guidelines and Audit Checklist, providing science-based recommendations for proper treatment at every phase of a chicken's life. And it’s why House of Raeford follows the guidelines—and then goes beyond.

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Environmental Stewardship

Long before sustainability became a popular concern, family farmers understood the importance of environmental stewardship. After all, their land is the source of their livelihood. As a company dependent upon family chicken farmers, we share their respect for the environment and are building sustainable practices across our entire operation.

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There’s not a single, solitary accomplishment that House of Raeford Farms could ever have achieved without our employees. That’s why we’ve put into place some unusual benefits, such as on-site chaplains and a confidential employee “hotline.” Why we believe so strongly in open lines of communication. And why we insist that everyone be treated with dignity and respect.

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Community Involvement

House of Raeford facilities are located almost exclusively in or near small towns, where roots go deep and relationships are long and strong. We care about these communities and are committed to making them even better places to work and to live.

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House of Raeford Flock

It should come as no surprise that when a chicken company starts a charitable organization, they would name it “flock." But in this case, there’s a lot more involved than just a clever moniker.

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